Mentee Attendance Policy & Supports Provided

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Students are expected to attend their weekly sessions consistently and on time. We understand situations arise, but we ask for 24 hours’ notice, or as soon as reasonably possible, if a student is unable to attend a session, so that we can let their mentor(s) know with reasonable notice. Read Ahead is here to support all of our students and families, and we offer a 15-minute grace period for families (for tech or communication issues). Repeated absences, no-shows, or lateness may result in a mentee being asked to leave the program (see below for details).

Ways Read Ahead Supports Mentee Attendance:

  • Program Coordinator sends a reminder email the evening before or morning of your child’s session.
  • An automatic text message reminder is sent 15-30 minutes before each session
  • Where possible, teachers have added information about students’ Read Ahead session schedules to their Google Classrooms

What happens if your child is not logged in on time?

  • If your child isn’t on after 5 minutes, Read Ahead will call with a reminder, and if not answered, a voicemail will be left. A follow-up text message/email will also be sent.
  • After the grace period is over, the Program Coordinator will let the mentor know that your child won’t be logging in and will follow up with you after the session. 

What happens if your child is absent or arrives late after 3 sessions?

  • Program Coordinator will contact you to discuss whether or not Read Ahead is still a good fit for your child. Your Program Coordinator will troubleshoot by ensuring you have each other’s accurate contact information, and offer ways to best support you and your family. 
  • At this time your Program Coordinator will also confirm the commitment to future attendance for your child. 

Please note: If your Program Coordinator continues to reach out without success and your child continues to be absent for their Read Ahead sessions, it’s likely that Read Ahead will have to remove your child from the program and reassign their mentor to a waitlisted mentee. Final decisions regarding the outcome of inconsistent attendance are at the discretion of Read Ahead.

We know this has been a very difficult year, and Read Ahead is committed to supporting our students and their families. Please reach out to your Program Coordinator or with any questions or concerns you may have, or if you’d like to update the # where reminder texts are sent.

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