Become a Read Ahead Mentor

Develop a bond and have fun with your mentee through reading and conversation during one lunch period a week or every other week from September through June. Read Ahead matches you with a child age 5-12 at a nearby public school, and provides training and support. Your consistent presence and encouragement will give your mentee the confidence, motivation, and skills to succeed in school and in life.
How to become a mentor

Are you an employee, member, or student of one of our partner organizations or universities? Would you like to join our Page Turners program?

If so, click on the link below to sign up for next year’s program!

If you have questions, check out our FAQ or email us at [email protected]

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Look to see if one of our partner schools is near your office, university, or organization.​

Watch the following video for a glimpse inside of Read Ahead's program.

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