July 25, 2023

Countdown to the 2023-24 school year! Part 1

July 13, 2023

The next school year is right around the corner and the Read Ahead team is hard at work getting ready for another year of reading, mentoring, and joy.

As we count down to Fall 2023, we’re sharing some interesting articles, highlights from last year, and behind the scenes info. We’ll post new info every couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy!


New York City Rolling Out New Method to Teach Reading to All Students

According to CBS New York, Mayor Eric Adams is rolling out a new literacy curriculum in New York City Public Schools, shifting the ways in which literacy is taught.

Mayor Eric Adams stresses the importance of literacy in youth. This new literacy curriculum will focus on phonics and decoding letters rather than utilizing picture clues to read words. This new program will be phased in over 2+ years  and is expected to bring a consistent teaching methodology and curriculum across all schools in the district. 


We just wrapped up the end of our 2022-23 program year! At the end of each year, we survey families and caregivers to learn more about the impact that our program has for their children. We look forward to sharing more data from these surveys soon.

For now, here are a few quotes in response to the question: What does your child(ren) say about Read Ahead and/or what do they enjoy most?

  • “The value and effort you guys put into the program” 
  • “She enjoys and loves reading together with her mentor. The program makes it very fun for M* and at the same time, she has learned a lot from the program”
  • “C* enjoys Read Ahead because the activities are engaging and the readings helped improve his ELA skills”
  • “He looks forward to participating every week.”

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