September 12, 2023

Countdown to the 2023-24 school year! Part 5

September 12, 2023

We are less than a week into the new school year and the Read Ahead team is hard at work getting ready for another year of reading, mentoring, and joy.

As we count down to our 2023-24 program, we’re sharing some interesting articles, highlights from last year, and behind the scenes info. We’ll post new info every couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy!


As States Confront a Reading Crisis in Schools, New York Lags Behind

In the midst of the pandemic learning disruption, reading levels and ability have significantly decreased amongst youth across the United States. Studies have shown that New York has experienced a decline in reading scores across the state, and ranks below the national average. While several states have issued laws to improve reading and literacy skills, New York is not one of them. 

New York parents are advocating for state intervention and policies to improve teacher training or screenings to identify students with reading difficulty. Parents and educators are urging state officials to enact change and pass bills to improve instruction and literacy practices, similar to those passed by other states, in order to close these literacy gaps. 

The elementary school years are a critical time for learning to read. With our 1:1, reading-based mentoring program model, Read Ahead hopes to address some of these gaps at this early age by increasing student reading time, and helping students develop confidence and a love for reading.

Read more about the reading crisis in New York in the New York Times article linked above.


We look forward to the start of the program year. Here are some quotes from last year that show why we are so excited to kick things off!

“Thank you Read Ahead staff that worked with our child. We had a very tough couple of years and Read Ahead was her consistent connection this year. She was able to express herself with her mentors and they were very supportive and understanding”. – Family of a mentee

“My mentors are so good to me. They are my favorite people!” – Mentee

“The program was so well run. I enjoyed every interaction with my mentee and made what I hope is a positive impact on her life”. – Mentor 

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