Mentoring Spotlight: Karen and Rebecca

Karen and Rebecca

Karen and Rebecca

This month we are taking a look at the relationship between Karen, a reading mentor from AEA Investors, and her student Rebecca.

Rebecca, one of three sisters, was in need of the extra one-on-one attention Read Ahead’s program provides. Karen, a long time reading-mentor, has done an amazing job of supporting Rebecca through the challenges she faces. Their Program Coordinator, Carmen, notes how Rebecca’s face lights up when she sees Karen each week, and she says it’s clear how strong of a connection the two have developed.

Rebecca has had trouble pronouncing certain words, and receives speech therapy at school. As a result, Rebecca has anxiety when reading out loud. Karen, an experienced reading mentor, was the perfect fit to help Rebecca work on these challenges. Since they started working together, Rebecca has made great strides towards improving her confidence when reading out loud. Karen even shared the following success story with us:

“For Dr. Seuss’s birthday, we took turns reading his book, “What Pet Should I Get?” around the room. Rebecca was becoming more and more nervous as her turn came closer and closer. She ended up making a little mistake, but no one made an adverse reaction to her and I was outwardly complimentary when she finished. Rebecca was proud of herself for accomplishing this task and really needed the encouragement and praise to help her get through. Now she knows that next time won’t be as scary as she anticipated.”

Karen and Rebecca have developed a special connection—perfectly illustrating the impact a strong mentor can have on a young student’s life.

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