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Are you interested in participating in Read Ahead’s program, but you don’t  work for our of our partners?

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Read Ahead is making a firm investment in New York City's public schools throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn by pairing elementary school children with caring adults in our weekly reading-based mentoring program. Students in our program grow and mature into young adults who are primed for success in learning and in life. But the price of serving just one student can range from $250 - $1,000 depending on the cost of reading materials, mentor training, and background checks. 

Read Ahead's Page Turners program is a monthly giving platform that allows for individuals who do not work for one of our partners to participate in our weekly program while subsidizing the cost of for their student.

For $21 a month, you and your student will have the opportunity to explore new words and new worlds, through the stories and conversations you share together.

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For information on how to become a reading mentor next school year, please contact [email protected] for more assistance. 

Founding Members

Read Ahead is proud to present the first class of Page Turners! Thank you for your support in launching this fantastic program.

Karen Badeau

Sonali Bruschi

Molly Channon

David Chase

Mitchell Gormley

Andrew Khor

Kurstin Mendez

Ashley Noble

Kathleen O’Brien

Allison Valenta

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